October 05, 2007


I have been kicking around having an Indie-Love gift guide this year. Since I have not been up for more than a year yet until after December, I decided to make this year’s guide FREE

The guide will be called” Nifty Handmade Holiday Gifties” (or something similar) and it will run from October 22nd through December 31st.

The categories for the guide are:

She wants
He wants
For the Home
Stationary and Gift Sets
Babes and Tots
Under $25
Gotta Have a Sparklie (jewelry and sparklie things)
One of a Kind

If you are interested in the gift guide for this year, please email me at sidonia7@gmail.com. with the following information:

Business Name:
Gift Guide Category:
Would you like to be part of our advertising mailing list for future guides:

The spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. I am looking for at least 5-8 entries for each category. I will need the following ad information from you by October 15th in order to be included in the guide on time!

A 300x300px jpeg of the featured product
70 words or less describing the item and a little about your business
A coupon code for my Indie Love Readers (if you like)
A link to your site or shop
A link directly to the item

There will soon be a newsletter sign-up and an rss feed available on the blog and I am currently working with Nadine of Curious Light on a blog redesign that I am REALLY excited about! I will also be switching to wordpress in the near future and will make an announcement on the site when I do!

I sincerely hope that the guide brings you some traffic for your 2007 holiday season!

Thank you,

Kristen Berge


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