October 08, 2007


We are moving to www.indielove.biz!!!
Thanks to Nadine at Curious Light we have a whole new look and are ready to go!
The Holiday Gift Guide will be up on the new site in a few weeks!
Thank you so much to all of my loyal readers, and my apologies for recently missed posts, I have been trying to get ready for the re-launch!

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October 05, 2007


I have been kicking around having an Indie-Love gift guide this year. Since I have not been up for more than a year yet until after December, I decided to make this year’s guide FREE

The guide will be called” Nifty Handmade Holiday Gifties” (or something similar) and it will run from October 22nd through December 31st.

The categories for the guide are:

She wants
He wants
For the Home
Stationary and Gift Sets
Babes and Tots
Under $25
Gotta Have a Sparklie (jewelry and sparklie things)
One of a Kind

If you are interested in the gift guide for this year, please email me at sidonia7@gmail.com. with the following information:

Business Name:
Gift Guide Category:
Would you like to be part of our advertising mailing list for future guides:

The spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. I am looking for at least 5-8 entries for each category. I will need the following ad information from you by October 15th in order to be included in the guide on time!

A 300x300px jpeg of the featured product
70 words or less describing the item and a little about your business
A coupon code for my Indie Love Readers (if you like)
A link to your site or shop
A link directly to the item

There will soon be a newsletter sign-up and an rss feed available on the blog and I am currently working with Nadine of Curious Light on a blog redesign that I am REALLY excited about! I will also be switching to wordpress in the near future and will make an announcement on the site when I do!

I sincerely hope that the guide brings you some traffic for your 2007 holiday season!

Thank you,

Kristen Berge

Whimsey Press

I am already having Holiday pangs of joy...thinking about gifts, and giving and my Christmas tree and shopping and crowds. So, I thought I would post something that will be useful for those of us who LOVE to wrap beautiful presents. In my mother's house as I got older, present wrapping was a production. We cleared off the dining room table, put the extra leaf in, and brought out the bins, and tubs of ribbons, tags and stunning papers. It was hours of wrapping until every gift looked like a work of art. Secret Santa'a within our family were funny...my cousins always knew that there gift was from Aunt Rosemarie! Anyway, that brings me to Whimsy Press. I was poking around for holiday papers and found some truly wonderful wrapping paper on their site! My two favorites are below, but please go and take a look as there are MANY more! They are double-sided papers, so their are two images for each paper type!

October 03, 2007

Lucky Duck Designs

This next find is a Trunkt Artist who is also on Etsy. Lucky Duck Designs handcrafts beautiful cards using beautiful papers and soft delicate tones! They make me feel relaxed and loved just looking at them, so I imagine getting one in the mail would be REALLY nice! Aside from my favorite picks below, there is also a service where you can order 10 cards in a row, it's called "Ducks in a Row" and if you give them all of your info about a friend's birthday or an anniversary, they send you a reminder to mail the cards! This is priceless to me, I never remember anything! Please take a look at the shop, they are too pretty to miss!

October 01, 2007

The Portland Beanie Company

A friend of mine recently had a baby, and I find that I am constantly on the look out for cute baby gear! I simply can't help it...there are sooo many cute things out there! That's how I found these adorable beanies by The Portland Beanie Company. Flowery and girly my picks are perfect for a fall baby gift. Browns and pinks on the beanies, and beautiful autumn orange in the booties make them hard to resist! Not to mention the adorable little model!! Here are the ones I loved:

September 28, 2007

Craft My Ride

Ok...so this is not a feature of someone's work...but it applies...and hopefully some of you who read this blog will apply and WIN!

This is soooo cool...! I can't design jewels for a car...but I thought there are definitely some of you out there who could win this hands down! Scion is sponsoring a contest...they want you to submit a "unique handmade car accessory" by October 22nd. You have to submit a photo and description...and the GRAND PRIZE IS A 2008 SCION!!! 2nd prize is $1000, and third is $500. Etsy is one of the judges along with lots of others like The Paper Doll, Wholly Craft and ETSY!!! Good luck to all!!!

September 27, 2007

Greasy Waitress Vintage!

This next crafter is part of the The Switchboards community online...and I came across these journals by Greasy Waitress Vintage and NEEDED to share them! They are record album journals that come in two different styles. Some are made with actual random records for covers, and others are made using actual record album covers! They are so cool...and so the perfect gift for that music-obsessed friend of yours...you know the one...that guy/gal who refuses to start the car until the right album is playing for the ride? Anyway...I posted a few so take a look!

"Record Album Journals" All $12
(look under shop on the right)

Carly Simon

The Eagles

Peter Frampton

September 26, 2007

Crystal J. Hand Painted Silk Accessories

I absolutely love the quality and feel of these hand painted silk pieces by Crystal J. on Etsy! The watercolor effect on the scarves is so soft and beautiful. I chose the hearts because the reds were vibrant, and I am a lover of all things red, and now lets be honest I chose the skulls because they remind me of a certain movie with Orlando Bloom...8) The aqua pillow is the best pop of color for any couch or chair, it was the color scheme that caught my eye in the first place. Take a look at the Etsy Shop, where there are many more choices!

September 25, 2007

Lotus Jewelry Studio

I found Lotus Jewelry Studio while looking for something for ME on Etsy! I am in love with the earthy-modern look. Basically anything hammered or brushed or silver or I guess metal tickles my fancy...so it's no surprise that I found this shop! I picked out some of my favorites below, even the ring, tho it's for a man is something I would wear myself. Plus what a beautiful handmade gift for the upcoming holidays. The earrings are also a huge favorite of mine, it's so nice to just be able to throw on your favorite pair of silver earrings without thinking if they go with your outfit. I still on a daily basis, live in a pair of hoops my hubby bought me....anyway...I ramble...check out the Lotus Jewelry Studio you will not be disappointed!

"Forged Mens Ring" $65
(comes in sizes 8-11)

September 24, 2007

Strumpfkunst On Etsy and Trunkt!

I initially found these adorable little critters on Trunkt.org, and that led me to Strumpfkunst's Etsy Shop! They are so cute in an off kind of way, and I particularly love the little bunny with the "tude". You much check out the shop, they make the best little friends for your favorite little one!! Take a peek at the ones I love below.

September 20, 2007

Diana Fayt

These intricate and stunningly beautiful pieces by Diana Fayt take many many steps, and many hours to become the works of art you see here. I love the earthy feel that they have and the textural elements too. The line drawings make them complex while they still seem simple and minimal in design. Each one is truly a piece of art. Please take a look at her Etsy shop, she explains more about her process there, and of course there are MANY other pieces to choose from!

"the black bird and the red poppy" $385
Large Round Shallow Bowl 13.5"x13.5"x3"

September 19, 2007

Photo Glassworks

There is something so calm and connected about the images that Tracey Antonik of Photo Glassworks uses for her pendants. They make me feel good, free, connected to life! Maybe because I'm a lover of nature...or maybe because birds make me think of flight and freedom...or...maybe because I'm a weirdo. Whatever the reason you should really take a peek at her Etsy Shop. The pendants she carries are carefully constructed using glass and wire, and feature not only birds, but trees, and other natural scenes and intricate designs. She also works in collaboration with other artists for some of the designs! I also happen to think that they make beautiful gifts for the upcoming holidays!

September 18, 2007

AO3 Designs!

I really have to share this next post because the fabric on this bag is awe inspiring. How can I not share the shapes, textures and designs of AO3 Designs on Etsy? As far as I am concerned it should be punishable by law to NOT own this bag. Huge swirls of beautiful rich greens, reds and aquas, and details galore, aside from the obvious awesome shape make it a must have! Please take a look at the rest of the shop too..this is just MY personal Tuesday temptation item!

September 17, 2007

Nielsen Blank Journals on Etsy!

The next crafter is a man I found on Etsy...yes I said a MAN...who makes some truly beautiful journals. "Nielsen" crafts these beautiful journals using materials like vintage books, hemp, fabrics and even adds some freehand designs using his sewing machine to finish them off! They are carefully laid out, and artfully put together. Each one tells a story...if you will...using texture, color and details. Here are my favorites, but don't let me steer you...check out the etsy shop for many more!

"Spines, Small Blank Journal-(4.25x5.5)" $55

(All images and designs are property of Nielsen.)